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"Prescription drug abuse, often through teenagers raiding their parents' medicine cabinets, has become a rampant problem in our state

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Veterans Advantage is forqualified members who currently serve or have served in the US ArmedForces and their families.

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In Lee's hands, even the saddest thoughts feel sweet and vital and — above all else — true.

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The lack of compelling evidence for direct popular influence in diplomatic interaction does not necessarily make American foreign policy undemocratic

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children in your care,and then bring on the side effects of the med,which of course most all always say,tiredness,dizziness,confusion,things

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He did not mention any of these regional trade pacts, but Beijing has suggested that it might be in favor

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They may not use them for the conditions they’re actually approved for, but what the hell, it’s “real” medicine

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there are a variety of drugs for lowering blood pressure, I don’t feel they’re as necessary